What we do

We are an IT recruitment company focused on introducing the best candidates in the market to the most exciting opportunities.

Each person is different and we make it our goal to understand exactly what the next step in your career should look like so that you can find the right company for you.

Through well established networks we make sure you have access to the best people each technology market can offer.

Specialists in Technology

We partner with organisations to help find the best people for them

We place people in a range of different tech specialisms. We have mapped out each market by building a unique network with the candidates within that sector that our clients can tap into to bring new talent into their teams.

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A bespoke service

Often the person who is the best fit for a role may not be on job boards or advertising their interest, but through the relationships we have developed with both candidates and clients we can talk them through the specifics of the opportunity and develop an interest where it may not have existed otherwise.

Our clients


I have worked with the RJC team over the past 2 years. Their speed of response, quality and accuracy when finding individuals for very niche technical roles within Hiscox has been excellent. The service we receive paramount in reflecting the Hiscox candidate experience through the supply chain and they well and truly meet the expectation we require of a supplier. I’m happy that we work with Rob, and that we can use his experience and knowledge as a trusted supplier of staff to Hiscox when called upon


Hiscox - Simon Ware - Talent Acquisition Manager

I have relied on RJC to source high calibre candidates for the past 5 years.  They are professional, have always delivered on their promises and are never anything other than honest. I would and do highly recommend RJC.  

De Beers - Warren Willis-Bray - Technical Leader

I have worked with RJC for several years and used them to find high calibre contract software engineers, usually quite quickly. I have been able to source contractors and start them within a fortnight. RJC always work with integrity and step in to help out where there might be niggles. Further, during IR35 readiness, they stepped up and guided us through the process to great effect. They have always been honest and a pleasure to deal with and I would highly recommend them.


Ambassador Theatre Group - Malcolm Reid - Director of Product Engineering

RJC listened to our requirements and took time to understand our business. They found suitable candidates in a timely manner, one of which we hired. We will continue to work with them on future projects.

LDN Labs - Anthony Harvey - Managing Director

I have worked with RJC on a number of occasions and I have always received the best quality of service.  The candidates that were presented matched the profile we were looking for, thus reducing the time spent interviewing.  I would not hesitate to work with RJC again 

Smarsh - Nimesh Manmohanlal - Head of Delivery

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Our Team

Due to the scale and variance within the technology sector we assign each consultant to a specific technology.

William Hodgett Associate Consultant 020 3667 3754 will.hodgett@rjcgroup.co.uk
Thomas da Gama Associate Consultant 020 3983 7622 tom.da.gama@rjcgroup.co.uk
Robert Dowler Director 020 3865 1174 robert.dowler@rjcgroup.co.uk
Perys Pullen Consultant 020 3983 8491 perys.pullen@rjcgroup.co.uk
Owen Clements Consultant 020 3865 1172 owen.clements@rjcgroup.co.uk
Olivia Kemp Accounts and Operations Manager 020 3865 0585 olivia.kemp@rjcgroup.co.uk
Luke Van Hesteren-Jones Associate Consultant 020 3002 3964 luke.jones@rjcgroup.co.uk
Joseph Thomas Associate Consultant 020 3983 3547 joseph.thomas@rjcgroup.co.uk
Joseph Doyle Consultant 020 3983 2264 joseph.doyle@rjcgroup.co.uk
Joseph Annette Associate Consultant 020 3983 0218 joseph.Annette@rjcgroup.co.uk
Harry Robinson Consultant 020 3983 2647 harry.robinson@rjcgroup.co.uk
Harry Purnell Associate Consultant 020 3002 3573 harry.purnell@rjcgroup.co.uk
Emily Lima Associate Consultant 020 3983 7680 emily.lima@rjcgroup.co.uk
Edward Campbell Director 020 3865 1173 edward.campbell@rjcgroup.co.uk
Christiana Sturch Senior Consultant 020 3950 7873 christiana.sturch@rjcgroup.co.uk
Cameron Afshar Associate Consultant 020 3983 3768 cameron.afshar@rjcgroup.co.uk
Brychan Gruffydd-Davies Senior Consultant 020 3983 2164 brychan.gruffydd-davies@rjcgroup.co.uk
Bronte Leek Associate Consultant 020 3983 5311 bronte.leek@rjcgroup.co.uk
Alex Watkins Associate Consultant 020 3006 8022 alex.watkins@rjcgroup.co.uk

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